More Kansas Beagle Puppies Born!!

Our little Emmy surprised us last night with 7 new beagle babies!  I cannot believe it!  She had them so fast!  I checked on her about 11 pm and WOW she had 3 puppies!  This morning, we counted 7 BOYS!  Not a single Girl!  She must have decided that girls are too fussy and way too much attitude for her to deal with!  I totally concer with her thinking.  I remember teaching school and having to deal with some real attitudes in girls!  I much prefer outright naughty behavior in boys to pitiful crying over scratches and all those tattle tail girls!  I am so glad that I have a son, instead of a daughter!  We get along just great!  I am sure that I would adapt if I ever had a girl myself.  But all in all, boys are just so much fun!  So Emmy, you go mama!  Enjoy those bouncing, rough and tumble boys!

On the beagle dog perspective:  Males are quite easily neutered!  I have waited in my vets office for little puppies for 20 minutes and the procedure was done.  Plus it can be done so much earlier than girls!  Often by 10 weeks of age.  Girls on the other hand, have to wait till 6 months of age to spay them.  And it is very extensive surgery and way more expensive.  So if you are looking for a low cost beagle:  I strongly recommend getting a boy!

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