Another Italian Greyhound puppy Gone to Missouri!

Yesterday, we had yet another Italian Greyhound puppy leave for Missouri!  That was our dear Zach boy from Peace’s litter!  He was always such a cuddlemuffin here!  You just had to pick him and love him!  Simpley Irrestible!  Zach sure did need cuddling on his way out the door with his new family!  We had VERY cold Artic blasts of wind here and a little tiny snow.  Thankfully, his new owner brought him a very warm blanket to be wrapped up in!

Tonight, Little Brite Lite’s litter of Italian Greyhound babies is starting to open their eyes!  They are so sweet, a few of them are starting to stand on those very wobbly legs!  It is just too cute to watch!  Ethan is the one with his eyes open and he just cannot believe the bright new world around him!  Today for the 1st time, he got to see the FACE behind that sweet voice who keeps waking him up and holding him!  I just can’t keep my hands off these new Iggys!  I am sure Ethan does NOT appreciate my constant interuptions of mealtimes with mama!  Brite Lite doesn’t know what to think of this constant, rude interuption of her schedule with her babies!  But she puts up with me just fine, as long as I stop to give her some loving and petting too!

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