Kansas Beagle ReArranging her Bedroom!

Emmy, our beagle girl has decided that she does not like my Decorating skills in her bedroom!  Emmy has just had 7 new beagle babies and she decided that the bedroom was not big enough!  So she has dedicated today to knocking out one wall of her whelping box and Enlarging the room to suit her!  After all, she has 7 new additions to her family and she NEEDS more square footage to satisfy her families growing needs!  I have tried to enccourage her once by redoing the bedroom to suit MY taste!  I went back this evening to the SAME construction project!  You know these beagles, once  they make up their mind, there is NO stopping it!  Emmy simpley does NOT understand the concept of COZY for a new family, she simpley is demanding SPACIOUS and large!  Tomorrow I just might have to give up and LET her have Spacious!

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