2 More Italian Greyhound PUppies Leave Kansas!

This week, we had 2 more of our Italian Greyhound puppies leave us, for new homes!  Both little Iggys got to experience an airplane ride!  My special doggie shuttle picked them up so they could take an early flight out on Wednesday morning.  I don’t think either little Italian Greyhound puppy was much impressed with the experience!  However 2 very happy families were waiting to greet them at the other end.  I am told that one little Iggy enjoyed romping around in a very  warm backyard!  I bet that was a pleasant surprise!!  Unlike these freezing cold Kansas Tempertures!  I wonder if that little Iggy perhaps wondered if it was a very pleasent dream!  I am happy to report this little Italian Greyhound will be moving WAY down South where tempertures are ALWAYS warm.  I call this Italian Greyhound Heaven!   For the rest of the Italian Greyhounds, they will have to learn to be satisfied with 72 degree kennel buildings and houses.  And heat pads on the floor to warm those special little bodies!  I was informed by one customer, that her 2 Italian Greyhounds have a special sleeping bag to cuddle in at night!  Thanks Goodness for sleeping bags, heat mats and Warm indoors!

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