Kansas Beagle PUppies Open Eyes!

Our little Beagle puppies from Viola Girl are opening their eyes!  It is so delightful to see those little eyes staring up at you!  I am unsure of how well they can focus, because they still look at me a little confused.   Perhaps they are wondering WHO this huge being is holding them.  Or maybe they are wondering how such a sweet voice can belong to such a huge person:  me.  I always wonder what is going on in those little fur ball’s heads!  Viola is an entirely different matter!  She is one loving beagle girl.  She has simpley got to have some luvvin from her human mama!  Lately this beagle girl is getting rather ornery!  She waits until I am so intent on luvin her babies and then she looks for an opportunity to be naughty!  She quickly scampers completely out of her area and Proudly romps thru the entire kennel building!  All the other dogs are really ticked with her antics!  They start barking and my Italian Greyhounds start jumping up and down to get my attention.  Everybody is trying to tell me that Viola Girl is breaking the rules.  I just smile and let that Proud mama have a little fun!  After all even beagle mamas deserve to have a break from those little puppies!

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