Kansas Beagle Girl Playing with her Buddy!

Our little, Jolly, is in season now!  She has definitely been trying to give our Beagle Boy, Lemonade, the hint!  I have seen her jumping on him several  times!  Lemonade is one cool beagle boy!  He does all the super fun stuff in private without the nosey mama, ME, watching him!  My goodness you should see these 2 beagles playing on thier dates with each other!  Lemonade is determined to keep me in the dark on the matter!  I know those ornery beagles.  They do all the baby making Outside, when I am INSIDE the kennel building cleaning and checking on all the latest babies!  That is OK!  I am a pretty good guesser and I can generally guess within 3 days of when they have some FUN!  Then I can pencil it out when to expect some NEW baby beagles!  So get Ready to see some NeW beagle babies in around March 28th.  They will be perfect  Easter Presents for Children!  Forget the ducks, chickens, and rabbits!  Get a beagle puppy for your children to enjoy!  Much more durable!

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