Kansas Beagle Girl Gaining Weight!

Our beagle girl, Jolly, is already gaining weight!  She and my beagle boy, Lemonade, are having a lot of date nights!  In fact, I think Lemonade secretly sleeps with Jolly at night.  In fact, I have caught the 2 of them, all cuddled up together the other morning when I arrived earlier than I was expected!   I don’t think Jolly could possibley be more than 5 or 6 days pregnant.  But already she is starting to eat more and gain weight!  Poor Jolly can’t hide her pregnancy for anything!  I am just a little surprised that she is starting to gain weight so early in the game!  Lemonade must be one Proud Beagle daddy!!  He is such a happy boy!  He greets me every morning with little tail wag.

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