Kansas Italian Greyhounds Running Races!

My 2 Italian Greyhound puppies:  Kedron and Charlie,  are running foot races down the length of my kennel building!  It is definitely a race to see who can run the 40 feet the fastest!  It is hilarious to watch those 2 play together!  Sometimes when they pass each other,  one of them, usually Charlie will jump completely over the back of the other.  Oh, the rough and tumble play!  Then they both scramble to see if they obtain some dog food from my adult Italian Greyhounds!  The adult Iggys  have been enjoying digging and scattering their dog food each day!  The puppies love this!  They come by and get a free dog sample from the adults!  I am sure they are so very proud of themselves for eating “Adult”  food!   Reminds me of my 4 year old son who constantly tries to use “adult tools”.  We caught him trying to shave his legs the other day!  We laughed and laughed over that one!!

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