Kansas Beagles Puppies Starting Potty Training!

Our little Beagle babies from Viola Girl have started their potty training!   I removed their comfortable carpet in thier whelping area!  Then I divided their area into 2 separate areas.  They now have a bedroom and a bathroom in their little whelping area.  The bathroom area is covered with shredded paper.  The bedroom has a brand new carpet scrap for them to lay on.  These little babies are still getting used to the new arrangement!  Mama Beagle, Viola, was not too happy that her nursery had been rearranged!  She told me in no uncertain terms that she very much dislikes the shredded papers in the bathroom area.  She promptly dug out a huge hole in the shredded papers and proceeded to show me that she could make a new bed area in the bathroom.  You know beagles!  Very determined and certainly bent on having THEIR way!  Today, I did notice that she has resigned herself to the fact that shredded papers will occupy 1/2 half of her nursery.  I think the beagle puppies are coping very well with the arrangement.  They are just beginning to toddle around!  And I did not notice a single potty on their bedroom carpet!  I am so very proud of them!

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