Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Rolling over for Belly Rubs!!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Brite Lite are definitely getting used to me!  Today, little Jaydon and Kaydon both rolled over on thier bellies waiting for their bellies to be rubbed!  You can also notice their tails starting to wag!  These little Italian Greyhounds are now eating wet puppy food in the morning in our weaning area.  And they are coping very well without mama for 30 minutes each day.  They almost lick the platter clean!  I am totally amazed at how easily they have adapted to eating out of the big frisbee of food.  And I am pleased to announce that they are not whiners!  They are fairly quiet when they spend 30 minutes away from their mama.  Unlike some litters who CRY the whole entire time!  I can tell that weaning is going to be supremely easy for them!  You never know when it comes to weaning puppies!  Some litters catch on very quickly and others prolong the agony and take forever to relax without mama!


Little Kedron and Charlie boy ( the last 2 older IG puppies) are quite the circus at playtime!  Little Charlie litterally leaps over Kedron to beat him running down the kennel aisle!  Kedron seems to take it  all in stride!  He has other entertaining things to try, such as finding my sandles and dragging them across the floor!      He was especially proud of himself tonight!  Somehow he managed to pull my jacket down and drag it across the floor.     Italian Greyhound puppies make the most of every occasion and never cease to amaze you!  A constant stream of amusement!

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