Kansas Beagle Puppies Using Potty Area!

Our Beagle Puppies from Viola and Emmy are growing up on us!  They are learning to use thier potty area in the shredded papers very well!  I have seen several of them leave their living rooms and walk to the potty area to expell some potties.  I am so very proud of them.  None of them have been walking very long.  And they all are still kind of wobbley walking on their feet!  This is a major advancement for them.  I think our mama beagles have resigned themselves to the idea that We will have an indoor potty area for their babies!  I am sure they think the activity totally rediculous!  Nothing keeps an adult beagle from pottying outside.  Snow, wind and rain are nothing to them!  They all leave their warm indoor quarters  quite regularly to potty outside.  And Sometimes they stay outside just to romp, run and play, in spite of cold weather!

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