Kansas Italian Greyhounds get a Toe Nail Clip!!

Our family of Italian Greyhounds recieved their Toe Nails Clips today!  None of them are actually very thrilled with the process!  So very early in the morning, I round all the adults up and put them in a special holding spot before they can imagine my plans for them.  Then I run back to my kitchen and leisurely eat breakfast!  Next I invite my husband and my little boy, Zane to follow me out to the kennel building where my Iggys are waiting.  My little boy, Zane, plays the part of entertainment for our special event.  He roams the whole kennel checking out all the latest dog equipment and peering in at all the puppies.  I am quite sure our Italian Greyhounds NEVER know what he will come up with next!  My husband Roy is a great source of comfort to all our Adult Iggys.  He plays the role of Loves and Gentle Talking to them.  My role is strictly business and very professional!  I am responsible for trimming nails and Roy is holding, loving, petting and talking to them.  Lucy and Tiggertails are the bravest Iggys in the bunch!  They really don’t care what you do to them, as long as Petting and loving is involved!  They are just rediculously silly!  The other Iggys are not so eager to endure the procedure!

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