Beagle Puppy Going to Nebraska!

Our little bunch of Beagles from Emmy and Viola are growing up on me!  They are walking very well now and even beginning to play together!  These little beagle babies have started wagging their tails and eagerly await me petting and holding them.  My beagle puppy, Justice, sits and crys until I pick him up!  He is such a sweet baby.  He doesn’t want to miss out on his share of luvvins from me.

Almost all of our beagle babies have new homes waiting on them!  I think there must have been a lot of Valentine’s Day request for beagle puppies!  I have never seen them sell so very fast!   One of our puppies has a home in Nebraska waiting on him.  However most of our babies will be staying in our home state!   So get ready for some hugs and kisses from our beagle puppies when they go home in March!

4 comments to Beagle Puppy Going to Nebraska!

  • Sam

    Oh my gosh, Ryan just informed me that he is now our little boy!! I am absolutely ecstatic! March 2nd cannot come soon enough. Puppy shopping and decorating is already in order! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • I truly hope that I did not spoil any Valentine’s Day surprises! I know you are going to fall in love with little Beagle Boy! He is getting so very cute.

  • Sam

    You didn’t! I have been begging for a beagle puppy to “start our family” and give us something to spoil! I am so excited, I already told everybody! 🙂 there is a count down on our calendar as well! He is absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to meet both of you soon!

  • The Great Beagle Countdown has begun! Get Ready for those wiggley tails, huggs and kisses! Our beagle puppies are practicing these tricks daily! Our mama beagles train them well in this fine art! Nobody can resist these darling faces!