Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Rides Airplane!

This morning. we had another Italian Greyhound leave us for his new home up North!  I was a little concerned about our weather, but we had nice tempertures and our little Iggy flew safely to his new home!  I am told that he supplied his new owner with plenty of kisses!  You know these Iggys, they have to express themselves!  They have been practicing the fine arts of kisses and being petted, quite regularly here!  Our new bunch of Italian Greyhounds from Brite Lite have already started getting in on the fun!  Little Kedron must have a belly rub, to be a happy puppy!  Then Ethan dives in for his fair share of attention.  Jaydon is the patient one, he doesn’t mind waiting for his turn to be held and petted!


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