Kansas Beagles Get 1st Vacinations!

Our little beagle puppies from Viola Girl recieved their very 1st vacinations today!  I gently held each one and petted them a while before they experienced the shot!  I am proud to say that almost everyone was very brave and didn’t cry at all!  A few beagle puppies hardly noticed!  Only one little puppy cried about it!  And I am sure being back with mama and having a special milk snack from mama will cheer that puppy up!  You know mamas ALWAYS know how to cheer up little ones!

Emmy’s little beagle puppies have discovered mama’s dry dog food!  They are boldly dipping in and taking a few bites of the yummy stuff!  Emmy is not sure what she thinks of this NEW bold behavior!  I didn’t tell her that each morning, I have been introducing them to wet puppy food when she is not around.  Every morning I take them out of Emmy’s bedroom and place them in the weaning area with wet puppy food!  A few of them have tasted samples and decided it is good stuff!

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