Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Receive 1st Vacinations!

Our little bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies from Brite Lite Received their 1st shots today!  I don’t think any of them had a clue what I was up to!  They assumed that I was coming to play with them.  They started lifting their little paws and trying to play.  Then they tried laying down and begging to me to pet them.  When I had  the shots all ready for them, I gently picked them up and gave them what they needed!  They did not know what to think of this new procedure!  Mama was quite curious too about all the vacination preparations!  She was relieved to discover that they stayed inside in her bedroom during the whole process!  All the Iggys were very brave and took it gracefully!

Our adult Italian Greyhounds are having trouble adapting to our frigid weather today!  They decided it was far too cold to potty outside!  So guess what?  I had some surprises waiting on me to clean up!  I think they thought the temperture was perfect and warm inside!  Why change a good thing just because Nature Calls you outside!  I can’t hardly blame them!  I was chilled to the bone just walking to the kennel area!  I am so HAPPY we heat our building to a warm 72 degrees!  It feels very comfortable inside!    I just wish that ALL my Iggys would understand we put potties outside!  Yes, even when it is cold!

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