Kansas Beagle Puppies get a Toe Nail Clip!!

Our little beagle puppies from Emmy and Viola received a toe nail clipping yesterday!  Mamas Emmy and Viola patiently watched the entire process on thier puppies!  Neither one of them is familiar with the process!  Because their nails are kept plenty short by all the running around they do outside on our patio!   But Puppy Nails are an entirely different issue!  They grow at an extremely fast pace!  And I am sure that both mamas appreciate having puppies with shorter nails~  Makes nursing puppies feel a lot better on mama’s skin!  Nobody likes to be poked when feeding a baby!   I am pleased to say that all the beagle puppies tolerated the procedure very well!  Anything that is quickly done and rewarded with a milk snack from mama afterwards CAN”T be too bad!!  Even I don’t mind the process, because it means I get to spend a little extra time holding these precious beagle babies!  Nothing beats holding a beagle puppy with 2 droopy ears!  I love these puppies!

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