Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Gets a Bath!!

Our last Italian Greyhound Puppy from Peace is Going Home tomorrow!  His name is Charlie and He has been waiting for a home for several weeks now.  All his siblings have left and he is eager to meet his new family!  Tonight he had his 1st bath to prepare for the big trip tomorrow.  I am pleased to say that he is the most calmest Iggy I have ever bathed!  He didn’t even try to jump out of my small bath tub!  And he did NOT whine at all!  I am so proud of this Italian Greyhound Puppy!  I can sure tell he takes after his father, TiggerTails!  Yes, a chip off the old block!!  TiggerTails is not afraid of anything!!  He is the only Iggy we have that has scaled a 4 foot wall 3 times to be near a Girlfriend calling for a date on the town!  Tiggertails will jump the moon, if necessary, to be with a girl!  He has plenty of practice with his jumping skills!  He literally jumps up into my arms when I am standing up!  Nobody beats friendliness when it comes to Italian Greyhounds!  TiggerTails is the best!

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