Kansas Beagles Spend 1/2 day Without Mama!!

Our little beagle puppies from Viola have entered a new stage in the weaning process!  They spent 1/2 day on their own without mama!  And ALL the babies did amazingly well!  Very little crying and they seemed quite content when I picked them up to take them back to mama at noon today!  Mama Viola was entirely different matter!  She was very upset to have her babies gone for the morning!  This Beagle let me know in no Uncertain Terms that she did NOT approve of this situation!  Miss Viola competely rearranged her bedroom contents!  Then she deliberately spilled ALL her food all over the floor!  You know beagles they have a way to get their point across!!  I am thinking Viola NEEDS to establish some adult time with her friends to cheer her up!  Tomorrow she is going to be playing with Ole Lemonade and Jolly!  Hopefully this will spread a little cheer to Viola Girl!

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