Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Lets Out a Bark!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Brite Lite are Growing up on me!  Today they spent 1/2 day without mama in the weaning area!  And they seemed very content when I picked them up at noon to go back to mama!  Little Miss Brite Lite is very content also!  Apparently she thinks it is time for these little babies to grow up!  I think she is getting tired of nursing them and she enjoyed her freedom!  All the Italian Greyhound babies greeted her very joyfully when they returned!  They let her know immediately that they needed a big milk snack to make up for lost time!!

All the babies are enjoying playtime now!  Even Mama Brite Lite gets in on the fun!  I even heard little Ethan let out a little bark as he was playing!  It was so darling cute!  It was the 1st little bark that I have ever heard from these Iggy babies!

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