Kansas Beagle Puppies Visit the Vet!!

Yesterday, ALL of our beagle puppies had their 1st visit to our veternarian!   We had quite a load in my small hatchback car.  I felt like a school bus driver for Doggieville!  We had 16 puppies take this 20 mile trip with me.  All beagles except we did have 3 small Italian Greyhound riding along also.  I am pleased to say that most of them were very pleasent to ride with!  Not a single one of them got car sickness.  That is something to be proud of!!  Although we did have a few puppies that cried for quite a distance.  They had no idea what we were doing!  Never been on a car ride before.  And they wondered why I did not hold them ALL in my lap!  I am very sure the highway patrol would agree that having 16 puppies running around on your lap is NOT a Good idea for Drivers!!!  But puppies do not understand the safety issue, they just know they are moving around in a puppy crate on a very bumpy gravel road!  It is no telling what is going on in their little brains.   I am very pleased to report that they all passed a very thorough vet inspection!  Not a single hernia to fix!  I am so happy to report that!  So get ready for some very healthy, lively puppies at your house.  These little beagle babies have almost perfectly the fine arts of playtime!  You should see these little monkeys in action.  Grabbing ears and grabbing tails is their speciality!  They even tried chewing on Mama Beagle today.  She let them know in a very distinct growl that it was NOT exceptable behavior!  Even beagles have a way to train good behavior in little puppies!

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