Kansas Italian Greyhounds Object to Vet Visit!

Our 2 Italian Greyhounds,  Faith and Peace were scheduled for a Tooth Cleaning at the Vet yesterday!  I put them in a place where they could sleep together for the night! Then, I quietly turned off the kennel lights for the night and went to bed myself.  When I woke up to go see my dogs in the morning, I had a big surprise waiting for me.  Both of these Feisty, little girls had completely escaped thier sleeping quarters and Were proudly Romping in the kennel aisle!  They got into all sorts of interesting things.  They got into my newpapers and shredded some of them.  Then they found my protective gloves and shoe covers!  They sure had fun with those blue things.  They chewed them up and shared them with the deprived dogs who weren’t bright enough to open their bedroom doors!!  I found little blue  pieces everywhere!  These 2 girls were so very proud of themselves!  When I tried to catch them to put them back in their appropriate spots, they quickly danced outdoors and refused to come inside.  Ornery little things!  I just shook my head and pretended I did not notice.  I quietly began my morning work with the other dogs and waiting puppies!  I just ignored them!  That is the worst punishment for an Italian Greyhound!  They Had to  see what I was doing!  And eventually I caught them and placed  them back, where they should be!  Needless to say, they got their way and completely missed their morning vet visit!  I am sure they are smiling and laughing as I write this tonight!  What they do NOT know, is I have rescheduled them for Next Monday morning!  Nobody escapes going to the vet around here!  We practice good health with our doggies!

Our little Italian Greyhounds puppies from Brite Lite were NOT so lucky!  They did INDEED got to the vet today for their 1st check up!  I am betting they were wishing that Faith and Peace would have opened their little door too!  But no such luck,  So off to the vet they went!  I am please to report they passed the vet inspection with flying colors!  And they were very well behaved on the car ride!  Hardly a single peep out of them.  Such good little Iggys!


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