Kansas Beagles Eating Dry Food Very Well!!

Our little beagle babies from Emmy and Viola are doing extremely well in the weaning process!  All of them have completely adapted to helping themselves and not depending on mama.  They are gobbling up dry puppy food now.  I am so very proud of them!  My, how they love attention!  As soon as I enter the kennel building, they all start crying for attention.  It sounds like, “Please pet me, please hold me”!!  These little babies LOVE attention!  They thrive on it!  I get so tickled about how quiet they are when I am outside the building.  But, Lo and Behold, once I enter and start talking to everybody,  The HUGE chorus begins!  All the adult dogs quickly bounce inside to observe my every move.  They too like to be talked to and petted!  Just like people,  they thrive on Love!  Little Emmy and Viola, my mama beagles are enjoying their freedom now!  No more puppies to feed.  They romp and play with great abandon.  Our farm dog, Gus, keeps my whole kennel of dogs much entertained!  Gus is famous for running the fence line and stirring all the dogs to run and jump as high as possible!  What would we do here, without our daily exercise Instructer?  This is Gus’s favorite job around here.  He even takes it upon himself to jump in the cow lot!  Yes, he stirs the cattle up too!  We have no lazy animals around here, since Gus moved to our farm!!

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