Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Visit the Bank Today!!

Our 2 Italian Greyhound puppies:  Jaydon and Kaydon,  had a big day!  Early this morning, they went to the vet for their health certificate to fly home on WED!  THey enjoyed a great ride!  These little Italian Greyhounds,  both, got to stay snuggled in my coat on the car ride!  They much prefer that, to riding in a pet crate.  Little Kaydon likes to snuggle right underneath my arms.  He knows where the warmest spot is!  Then I took them to run all my morning errands!  I even stopped to fill the car with gas.  The attendants love to see me coming in!  They always ask me if I have puppies to show them.  Next, we went inside the bank and the lady at the counter got to see these 2 beauties.  Then, we visited the chiropracters’s office.  They really seemed to get the attention there!  Jaydon in particular, recieved several nice compliments.  One lady was encouraged to tell her family about this breed of dog.  She was sure they needed a quiet, shedfree companion.  I love showing my babies off.  How can you resist petting a little Iggy?  I think little Ethan felt a little left out, when his litter mates returned to talk about their morning adventures.

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