Kansas Beagle Getting Plump with Pregnancy!

I am so excited about our smallest beagle, Jolly!  She is due for having puppies on March 28th!  Already she is starting to get really plump.  This little girl swells up like a watermellon  before this process is over.  Currently she is rooming with Lemonade, the daddy!  As usual, he is very clueless!  He has no idea why she is eating more than her fair share of the food!  All Lemonade cares about is whether he has a playmate to entertain him!  He is a HAPPY beagle when he has friends!  Emmy and Viola are adjusting really well to be SINGLE again, with NO puppies!  Currently, they are rooming together and they are enjoying each other’s company also!  Their little puppies stop to say “Hello” during playtime, while they romp the kennel aisle!  Justice,  One of Viola’s puppies, is the fastest runner of all the puppies!  He speeds thru, while the other puppies stop to “smell the roses”.  All the puppies love to Look for little tiny pieces of dog food that the adults have dropped!  I think they consider it a “Special Treat”!  You know how toddlers ALWAYS beg to eat Grown up food!  Beagles are the same way!

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