Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Leaving for Homes!!

Our 2 little Italian Greyhound puppies from BriteLite will flying the skies tomorrow!  Looks like our weather will be really nice for them to fly out of Kansas City Airport!  Their owners are anxiously awaiting them to come to their new homes!  However, I am sure our little Ethan will be sorely missing his Italian Greyhound playmates!  They used to have such fun romping down the kennel aisle!  It is amazing to watch them play.  They love to run up to the adult Italian Greyhounds and just tease them.  Then they jump back and ask to play.  It is hilarious to watch.  Then they run back to me for an occasional hug and pettin.  They are fascinated by me wiggling my toes!  They try to run and grab my toes.

So Ethan will be getting a NEW playmate to play with tomorrow so he won’t get too bored with himself!  I am going to introduce him to one of my beagle puppies!  It should be really funny to watch them check each other out!  Beagle puppies like to play too, however, they don’t realize that Iggys bring playtime to an entirely different level than they are accustomed to playing.  I am sure I will see 2 tired puppies at the end of playtime.


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