Beagle Puppy Leaves for Nebraska!

Our beagle puppies from Viola are beginning to leave for new homes!  Hershey went to live in Nebraska yesterday.  Our little Dakota boy left for Manhattan, Kansas.  Our beagle puppys are having smaller playtimes now!  Not as many happy beagles to play with now!  Several more puppies will be leaving on this coming Friday, the March 9th.

3 or our beagle puppies discovered a fun little trick while I was outside cleaning this morning.  I kept hearing all the adult dogs just barking and barking inside the kennel building.  I assumed they were frusterated with me being in thier outside space, cleaning!  Boy, I was sure wrong!!  They were trying to tattle on the 3 beagle puppies who had discovered some mischeif!  Every one of my adult dogs know it is wrong  to run in the kennel aisle when I am not around to watch!  Today Casey, French Fry and Tyler unlatched their bedroom door.  Then they enjoyed romping up and down the aisle and teasing ALL the other dogs with thier mischeiveious ways.  These little beagle babies got into the newspapers and chewed and scattered them around.  Then they discovered the trash bags and shared with the Italian Greyhounds so they could join in on the fun!  However, I ended their Happy Party when I came inside after my cleaning efforts.  Imagine my surprise when 3 happy puppies greet me!   This time, I was very careful and latched their bedroom door very tightly!  I am quite sure they were sorely dissappointed to see me end their happy ripping and  taring party.  Kind of reminds me of happy toddlers ripping newspapers!  I remember those days at our house when my little boy was totally mesmerized by ripping newspapers!!

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