Kansas Italian Greyhound in Season!!

Our Italian Greyhounds are really busy around here!  Our Lucy, Gracey, Peace, and Faith are all in season now!!  That means we should have about 20 Iggy puppies in about 9 weeks.  I am so very excited!  Lucy and Gracey will be dating Lion of Judah.  And Peace and Faith will be having romantic dinners with TiggerTails!  Lucy is one excited little lady.  She never gave Lion of Judah much time to romance her!  I sent them out on a romantic evening and in 10 minutes they were already caught in bed together!  Lucy is ONE hot tamale!  I don’t think any Iggy in my kennel is quite as excited about making love, as my Lucy Girl!  The rest of our Italian Greyhound Girls play it cool!  They make their guys romance them several evenings, before they allow them to steal thier heart!

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