Kansas Italian Greyhounds Have Raging Hormones!!!

Our Italian Greyhound family has  had PLENTY of action lately!  We have had 5 Girls go INTO season!  My goodness, such attitudes around here!  5 Girls having their cycle is causing plenty of grumpy, grouchy attitudes!  You know women,  PMS runs in our doggie family Too!!!  Our 2 Daddy dogs TiggerTails and Lion of Judah have PLENTY busy trying to find a date on the calandar for each and every girl!  That means romantic interludes in the morning, at supper time and one late nighter!  Lion of Judah is really POOPED with all the dating activies!!  Although I think he sure has enjoyed ALL the attention from his 3 girls!  A couple of girls are getting kind of fussy with him and I have had to intervene in his behalf!  It is very hard making 3 women happy!!  Tiggertails seems to have faired better in the women department.  He has only had to entertain 2 women!  His girls:  Faith and Peace are rather easy to please!  I will sure be glad when dating season is over and everyone can settle down in our kennel building!  Our POOR farm dog Gus, simpley camps outside the fenceline of our kennel building!  He is so disgusted!  All these Waiting Girls and Not ONE LOVE session for him!  I am sure he is highly jealoss~!

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