Italian Greyhound Puppy has a visitor from Missouri!!

Our dear little Italian Greyhound puppy:  Ethan, has a very special visitor tomorrow evening!  Ethan is having a guest from Missouri!  This little Iggy has been busy playing with his beagle friends!  All this Italian Greyhound  friends have already left for their new homes!  He has been patiently waiting for his turn to come!

However, he has certainly been enjoying his stay here with us!  I have been teaching him and some beagle puppies HOW to exit our doggie door to go play outside.  These little puppies LOVE playing outside on our warm spring days here!  Our farm dog, GUS, has been totally mesmerized watching these young puppies play outside.  On the 1st day, Gus, stood guard by thier fence line and made sure they behaved themselves.  Gus has appointed himself as t he Special “Police Force” around here!  He carefully watches ALL our dogs and makes sure nobody gets out of line.  He even peers inside the kennel windows and watches me as I give shots to new puppies!  Nothing slides by our farm dog!

Hopefully Ethan, our Iggy puppy,  will be going home to a new home in Missouri, tomorrow evening!  We shall see!  I know that he will make a very fine cuddle muffin for someone to love!

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