Kansas Beagle Getting Closer to Throwing Pups!

Our dear little Jolly is getting still bigger!!  I keep thinking this beagle is going to Pop any day!!  When I went to her little bedroom tonight, She sure did a lot of talking to me–small barks!  This little beagle tends to talk when she is getting close!  I have no idea what she is trying to say.  But, I strongly suspect she is getting really close to delivering little beagle puppies.  Her little whelping box is already warmed and waiting for these little babies!  I will wake up, tomorrow morning expecting some news!  I sure am hoping!  I can usually tell the minute I walk in the dog kennel.  New Birth has a very peculiar odor to it!

Saturday, we are going for a drive to pick up a brand new Beagle Boy!  This little puppy is Tri-colored and we are hoping to raise him to be another beagle daddy for our girl dogs!  He is supposed to be extra small and I am hoping this will give us some EVEN smaller beagles.   But, he will definitely have some growing to do!  We won’t be breeding him for quite a long time!~   But, my little Boy, Zane, will certainly enjoy having a beagle puppy that he can actually KEEP this time!


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