Beagle Puppy Goes Home to Nebraska!!

Today, our last little beagle puppy from Emmy left for his new home in Nebraska!  He was a sweet little lemon colored puppy!  He had waited longer than his litter mates to go home!  However, he never lacked for company.  Our little Italian Greyhound puppy, Ethan, was his constant playmate.  So our beagle puppy was never truly bored!  However, I am sure that he will be thoroughly loved by his new family.  They have just moved into a brand new house and needed a puppy to keep them company.  Beagles are very good with bonding with their new owners and simply thrive on human companionship.


Our little beagle Jolly has still NOT delivered her puppies!  Daily I am amazed that I have not seen these new puppies yet!  I keep thinking every time I run to check on her that surely she will have some special babies in her little bed.  So far, she is still a Single Lady!  I will keep you posted on her status!

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