Kansas Italian Greyhound puppy Waiting for New HOme!

Our little Italian Greyhound Puppy, Ethan, is still waiting on a brand new home!  I keep thinking this little guy is getting cuter every day!  It is truly a mystery to me why he has not been “Chosen” yet!  He is just darling and takes the sweetest little pictures.  He has been very kind to my last beagle puppy.  This little Italian Greyhound has been a very faithful playmate to the beagle puppy.  Today, our beagle puppy went to a new home.  So, little Ethan is very bored with his situation.  He loves to play and he lost his little playmate.  He definitely is ready for a new home with plenty of action.  Another couple of dogs would be splendid in his books.  You know Iggys, the more the merrier!

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