New Beagle Puppies in Kansas!!

Jolly, my little Beagle girl,  has finally started having her puppies!!  I am so very excited!  So far, we have 2 REDS:  One is a girl and One is a boy.  We have 4 Tricolors:  1 Girl and 3 boys.  I am unsure whether she is completely done yet!  She looks a lot thinner, but I thought I might have felt one more little beagle bump.  Only time will tell!  I shall wake up tomorrow morning and run out and count the number of little beagle babies we have!  Tomorrow evening, I am hopeing to post thier 1st newborn pictures!  So check it out about 10 pm!

2 comments to New Beagle Puppies in Kansas!!

  • Jenny Crew

    Oh my goodness! I have been checking twice (or more) each day and we are so excited about the puppies! So looking forward to seeing pictures! Hope mother and babies are doing well!

    • YES, We are very happy to see Jolly and her 6 babies doing so very well!! Eating good and mama is settling into the routine!
      Nothing like seeing newborn Beagle puppies! I am very excited!