1st Pictures of Kansas Beagle Puppies!

Here is the precious litter of Beagle Babies from Jolly Girl!  All the babies are eating very well!  Already we are developing some really fat bellies on these little puppies!  Jolly is a very patient Beagle mama and puts up with me handling and loving her puppies very well!  Remember ALL the Tricolors ALWAYS look Black and White at birth.  The brown in the Tricolors will come out later.    The puppy with the MOST white on her back is Eva!  Pup with the most Black on the back is Ethan.  The Darker Red pup  is Desmond.

Beagles: Puppies from Jolly Girl!!


Beagle: Bella Girl!!


Beagle: Desmond Boy!!


Beagle: Ethan Boy!!


Beagle: Calvin Boy!!


Beagle: Eva Girl!!


Beagle: Westin Boy!!

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