Kansas Beagles Open thier Eyes!~

Our little beagle babies from Jolly have just begun to open thier eyes!  2 of them have opened their eyes just a tiny bit!  I suspect to see more open tomorrow morning when I get up.  It is so amazing to see those little tiny eyes.  They are all plumping out, but I do declare that Ethan is the fattest one.  If Ethan keeps up, he will nearly as wide as he is long!  Today we had a scale and they are weighing in around 1 lb and 8 ounces now.  This is a vast improvement from birth weight.  When beagles are born they weigh from 9-11 ounces!  So they are definitely gaining steadily!  Little Jolly is a marvelous mama and seems to be settling in, quite nicely with her new little family.  Lemonade, the daddy, is still as lively and ignorant as ever!  He has no idea these are his babies!  He sure does check out t he babies when I bring them by his bedroom.   He always has such a quizical look on his face.  Little Viola that is rooming with Lemonade is very wise on the babything!!  I bet Viola is wondering when she will have babies to cuddle with again!

I am planning on doing new pictures for all the beagle puppies on Friday of this week.  Watch the beagle puppy page,  you will see their new pics posted there!

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