Kansas Italian Greyhound Waiting for his new home!

Our little Ethan, Italian Greyhound, puppy is patiently waiting on his new home!  He is looking cuter every day!  I think he has decided  that he must be a beagle, since he is playing with 4 beagles now.  Ethan, our little Italian Greyhound puppy,   shares a bedroom with 4 of his beagle freinds.  And he shares the outdoor play area with them as well.  He is still learning to operate the doggie door to go play when he pleases.  He is very good at coming back inside when he is tired of playing.  However, he is still rather shy about pushing it to go play outside.  He watches his 4 beagle friends go in and out with ease!  However, Ethan is not quite as bold as they are.  He still hangs back when it is time to go outside.  I try to help him by giving him a friendly PUSH outside!  Eventually, I am quite sure he will totally understand the process!


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