Kansas Beagles Crawling Around!!

Our little Beagle puppies from Jolly are starting to crawl now!  They are beginning to be more mobile now!  It is really fun to watch them creep around their whelping box.  I am thinking that their eyes are focusing better too.  It won’t be much longer and they will begin to try to stand up on those wobbley little legs.  Then the real fun will begin.  I did see one little puppy mouth another puppies ears and head.  It looked like the extreme beginnings of playtime.  The other puppy didn’t seem to have a clue!  So we will have to wait till they really discover each other.  Likely in about a couple of weeks.  All the beagle puppies are continually gaining more weight and are looking cuter every day!

1 comment to Kansas Beagles Crawling Around!!

  • Jenny Crew

    Oh my gosh – we just can’t wait for this Sunday when we get to see the puppies! Sounds like they are growing fast!