Italian Greyhound Has a Visitor from Illinois!

Our little Italian Greyhound, Lite Brite, had very special visitors today.  A whole family traveling home from Easter Break stopped to look at our beagle puppies!  While they were here, One of them had a special Interest in Italian Greyhounds!  They had seen several of them at their local dog park.  And they had wanted to see an Italian Greyhound puppy!  However, Our last Iggy found a home a little over a week ago.  So I suggested that they look at one of our adult Italian Greyhounds.  Tiggertails was rather dissappointed that he wasn’t chosen for the special visitors.  He is always looking for someone extra to dote on him!  Brite Lite immediately jumped up and declared she would like to be the chose one!  Joybells had her instincts up!  She was sure that I had walked in the kennel building to give somebody a toe nail clipping or a shot.  She promptly bounced outside and refused to come back in!  So I am sure that Brite Lite had plenty to brag about when she got back to the kennel building!

Gracey and Lucy Girl are already showing their pregnancy!  I am expecting big litter from both of these girls!  Maybe we will see 6 little Italian Greyhounds from both of these girls!  Peace and Joybells are still hiding their babies on me!  Faith is starting to round out a bit!  Before long, we should have plenty of Iggy puppies to make everybody happy!  Plenty to choose from!

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