Kansas Beagles are Safe During Storm!!

Our place in the country had heavy rains and  a few SMALL pieces of hale, last night!  The weatherman predicted tornadoes and high winds, but Thankfully the tornadoes passed our little farm by.  In fact, God sent them far away from our place!   Only my 4 year old son was dissappointed!  He had really wanted our family to have to go down to our cellar to spend the night!  You know how children are,  anything at bedtime seems exciting!   He carefully looked for signs of damage on the entire ride to church this morning.  We assured him that tornadoes did not come close last night!  He was disappointed not to have any  interesting damage to look at!  On the other hand, My husband and I were very grateful and thanked the Lord for keeping the tornadoes away.  Our beagles were very safe in their kennel building built in the side of a hill!  Matter of fact, their house is safer than mine!  Our beagles are very intelligent and they know when it is really stormy outside.  They porposefully stay inside the building cuddled up on their special doggie mats.  I feel very good about them during tornadoe threats.  I always know they are safe in their building that is 1/2 basement on one side.  Our little beagle puppies from Jolly slept right through the storm.  You know puppies, nothing bothers those sound little sleepers!  As long as mommy is here, everything is peachy!!

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