Kansas Beagle Puppies Endure Vacuem Cleaner Noise!

Today, I vacuemed our beagle bedroom with Jolly and her babies!  Jolly, our beagle mama, has seen the big vacuem cleaner many times in the kennel.  Our little beagle puppies on the other hand,  were totally clueless about this loud machine in their bedroom.  I am very proud of our puppies- not a single one of them cried while I did my cleaning chores!  In fact, they just completley ignored the big, noisy machine!  A few of them looked at the strange black instrument.  But nothing more!  Totally unlike human babies-  My little 4 year old boy is still afraid of the vacuem cleaner.  He jumps up on the bed or couch and sits quietly the whole entire time UNTIL I am done with the process.  It never ceases to amaze me,  how well he can sit still and behave while I vacuem the entire house.

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