Kansas Italian Greyhounds Enjoy Watching Cattle!

Our Italian Greyhounds enjoyed a very exciting day!  So exciting, That Lion of Judah, One of our Iggys,   did 4 foot leaps in the air repeatedly!  This little Iggy definitely shows his emotions by bouncing up and down like a rubber ball!  And guess what, he never seems to be out-of-breathe afterwards!  Our Italian Greyhound family stayed outtside to watch the process of moving our cows from the barnyard to the pasture today!  Gus, our farmdog,  got in the real action.  He went to the barnyard and chased the cows as we tried to herd them on an old stocktrailer to move them.  Our doggie family watched behind their fenced in area.  Never, had I seen so many dogs barking and totally excited about all the action.  Every once in a while, our farmdog Gus would dash up and down the fence line of our Italian Greyhound dogs and really stir them to barking and leaping in the air!  Then Gus would dash back out to run in among the cattle.  Once in a while, he DID actually HELP the cows move onto the trailer.  Even Our beagles got in the action!  They certainly can’t do flying leaps into the air.  But they participated in the best way they could.  By running as fast and furious as they could up and down the fenced in area!  It was simpley hilarious to watch!

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