1 MORE Kansas Italian Greyhound in Season!!

Spring has arrived around our farm!  Definitely affecting our Italian Greyhound family!  We have 5 Iggy mamas that will pup here in about 3 weeks!  And surprise, surprise,  Little Hoppy Hope started her season a couple of days ago.  So Hoppy and Lion of Judah will be having quite a few candlelight dinners in the evening!  So far, they have been hiding the real juicy stuff from me!  But, I suspect I will catch them in the heat of the moment in a couple of days!  Eventually mama DOES find out about nighttime adventures!  Lion of Judah seems very happy to see his darling girlfriend each evening.  A few times, he gave me a very quizical look when I took her out of his bedroom in the mornings.  Lion of Judah doesn’t like the thought of missing out on any GOOD times with the girls!  You know Italian Greyhounds, they believe in makeing the most of Romantic opportunities!  Old Tigger Tails is trying not to be jealoss when I pass by his room each evening with a girl in season!

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