Kansas Beagle Puppies Discover their Tails!

Our little Beagle puppies have discovered the fine art of Waggin their Tails!  It is so darling cute to watch those happy puppies waggin their tails.  Little Ethan was waggin his tail tonight.  They are really learning to respond to my voice!  When they hear me start talking to them, they get up now and start to see what I am doing!  I am really proud of this little bunch!  They have officially began Puppy Kindergarten!  I removed their big rug and they have been introduced to potty training.  I replaced it with a smaller rug on one side of their area.  The other side, I placed shredded newspapers!  The newspapers area is to be the new bathroom area.  It took  them a while, to learn to move around on the newspapers!  Mama Jolly showed her dissappoval of the new arrangement immediately!  She promptly started shoveling around the newspapers to suit her tastes!  She completely covered her box of dog food!  She tried stuffing paper into the dog food area!  It is quite humorous to watch!  A few puppies tried sampling the newspapers at first!  You know babies,  they must taste everything!  Won’t be long and I will start giving them wet dog food each morning to tempt those little taste buds!

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