Kansas Beagle Puppies Start Begging!

Our little Beagle puppies are definitely perfecting the fine ARTS of  begging!  As soon as they hear my voice, they start crying and trying to climb out of their area!  They now recognize that I pick them up and pet them!  The main reason they start crying,  is they know I bring the Puppy Chow to them.  Apparently they are really getting attatched to their daily feeding sessions huddled over a big frisbee of wet puppy chow.  Even Mama Beagle, Jolly, knows the feeding routine now!  Little Jolly very happily runs to greet her fellow beagle friends for the short break from her family of puppies!  Lemonade the daddy always greets her with anticipation!  The final count down has begun!  Won’t be long and these little babies will mature enough to join their new human families!

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