Kansas Italian Greyhounds Waiting for Puppies!!

We have 4 Italian Greyhounds that are eagerly awaiting delivery day for their puppies to arrive!  Little Lucy, Gracey, Faith and Peace have each moved into thier new bedrooms with the carpet on the floor.  They have a nice warm area to deliver their puppies into!  I have already turned on the heating pads on the floor for them!   Miss Lucy continues to be the fattest one of the Girls!  Hopefully we will see her babies soon!  She is due on Saturday!  So far, I do not see ANY indications!  She is merrily playing and eating her food with a raging appetite!  Not the signs of an Iggy close to delivery!  Ussually our Iggy girls get rather sleepy and start laying around.  Then they stop eating and start trying to rearrange their bedrooms!  So I am guessing Miss Lucy is a few days out yet!  Keep watching my posts!  I will post pictures of the newborns on my blog!  I can hardly wait to see some new Italian Greyhound faces around here!

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