No Italian Greyhound Puppies in Kansas Yet!!

We are still waiting on Our Italian Greyhounds to have their Puppies!!  I keep thinking every morning when I wake up, I will see little surprises waiting next to happy mamas!  I think our Lucy Girl must have some very lazy puppies rolling around in her tummy!  I think they like it inside our mama Iggy!  Maybe they have decided to wait till Miss Lucy does the puppy dance so wildly that they cannot stand bouncing around inside her, any longer!   I am going to have a talk with our Exercise Instuctor,  Gus, the rowdy farm dog!  I bet Gus knows the tricks to get our Italian Greyhound mamas stirred up.   Gus is very good about calling our dogs to action!  He eagerly runs up and down the fence line, until every dog is barking and running with abandon!

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