Kansas Beagle Puppy Climbs out of Whelping Area!

Our little Beagle Puppies from Jolly are getting rather rowdy these days!  Little Desmond discovered how to climb out of the whelping box today!  He was just too excited to see me coming and completely climbed out to greet me.  He wanted to be the 1st, I am sure!  Little Desmond is quite the climber!  He is getting really frusterated with Mama Jolly, choosing to lay outside the box now!  Mama is starting to wean this happy little bunch!  And Desmond knows if he can climb out, that he will get to mama and get some precious milk.  Even though, he is fully capable of drinking water and eating puppy chow!  You know toddlers,  they love to climb!  Reminds me of my son climbing to get some precious object we have porposely hidden from him!

Tomorrow, Our little bunch of beagle puppies will be spending 1/2 day in the weaning area,  in a completely different area of our kennel building!  We specifically build this area for Ornery, Climbing Puppies!  It is completely impossible to climb out of!  However, we have entertaining toys for them to try!  Like chew bones and baby chewing objects to exercise the teeth on.

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