Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies FINALLY Here!!

The long awaited moment has arrived!!!  We recieved our 1st litter of Italian Greyhound Babies from Faith and Tigger, yesterday!~  Faith has a small family!  She produced 2 babies:  Little Vicky and Little Kedron!  Kedron is very tiny and Vicky is quite a bit larger!  Both puppies seem to be eating well from our new mama.  Faith is enjoying having a small family!  She still happily greets me outside when she sees me coming to check on her!  Faith also enjoys checking out the outdoor sights when the other dogs in the family have seen some exciting action.  A few happy barks from our beagles sends her outside to join in,  on the action.

Lucy, our other Italian Greyhound that I have been waiting on, has been rather lazy today~!  I am wondering if we will see some more happy faces from her tonight!  She just looks like she could deliver puppies any time!  As soon as I am done on the computer, I am going to check on her before I sleep tonight!

I love the excitement of new puppies!  Nothing like seeing brand new life, freshly created by our Heavenly Father!


Italian Greyhound: Kedron


Italian Greyhound: Vicky

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