Kansas Beagle Puppies Visit the Vet!

Our little bunch of beagle puppies from Jolly took a trip to the vet!  This is the BIG check up to make sure they are all progressing in growth!  None of them were very happy about the car ride without mama!  Several of them decided it was their job to show their extreme displeasure by pitching a whining fit!  My little boy Zane tried to Cheer them up on their long ride!  He sang “Jesus Loves Me” to these whining little babies!  A few of them decided to listen to the pleasent singing!

I am pleased to report that ALL of them were very happy to be back home!  Not a whimper out of a single one!  Mama Jolly joyfully greeted them!  I think this beagle mama was very happy to see them come to her bedroom.


As of today, All our beagles are officially weaned!  And they have adjusted well.  Eating dry dog food and drinking water entirely on their own.

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